A Python library for the Discord API.

Novus is a fast and low-intensity API wrapper written to help other developers interact with the Discord API.

Written from the ground up following the discontinuation of, Novus is an interaction-centric library written in Python to interact with Discord. It implements command handling and syncing, rate limiting, websocket and webserver-based event handling, as well as an easy-to-use plugin system for extendability.

August 2021 - present


Discord's most popular family tree bot.

MarriageBot is a chatbot for users to start virtual families with other users.

There are a few other bots on Discord that allow users to "get married" and "have children" as this does, but MarriageBot was the first bot that allowed users to generate a family tree dynamically based on that family.

July 2018 - present


A Discord bot for growing virtual flowers.

Flower allows you to grow plants right from inside your Discord server. You can adopt plants, water them, watch them grow, show them off to others, and more!

August 2019 - present


An incredibly modular user forms bot on Discord.

There are a few bots out there for allowing users to create forms to fill in, but by far Profile is the most modular of all of them.

With Profile, server moderators can set up forms for their users to fill out, which can be pulled back up at will. This sort of system lends itself very well to roleplay character profiles, user bios, applications, and more.

Normally this kind of system would only be possible through external sites (Typeform and Google Forms) but the versitility of Profile and its customisability within the platform allows it to be a very powerful and diverse tool.

July 2019 - present

Age Checker

A simple Javascript page for date verification.

Originally made for a nightclub's ticketing office in order to speed up age checks on IDs, this is just a simple Javascript page for showing the date that someone needs to be born to have passed their 18th birthday.


A simple program to copy the title of a window into a TXT file.

A simple program to find an open window and write its title to a file.

Written to scrape Spotify's currently playing song for use on a livestream.

An affiliate website made for a streamer.

I built both the frontend and backend for the website associated with the Twitch streamer TCK.

July 2022 - September 2022


An activity tracking bot for Discord users.

Cerberus is a bot designed to listen for chat messages and activity and - basically - count them.

There's a couple of caveats built into that though: there's an inbuilt spam filter, and there are blacklists for different channels, but for the most part the bot just counts messages.

In terms of other activity, the bot will also keep track of user activity in voice channels, allowing you to have a more accurate gague of the total activity of a user in your guild.

Unlike many other acitvity bots, Cerberus takes a hard stance that acivity is something that decays rather than a permanent attribute of your user. Thus, activity points decay from a user over [a configurable amount of] time. In addition to this decay feature, you're able to see how many points a user has at any given point in time.

November 2019 - present


A simple Twitch chat TTS and sound effect processor written in pure JS.

Streamlink is a lightweight browser page for connecting to your Twitch chat via IRC and having messages be read out automatically.